Portrait Commissions

I am an experienced portrait and figurative painter in oils and over the years have produced many commissioned portraits both in the private and public sphere.

There are many things to think about when commissioning a portrait The process usually requires a three-way discussion between artist, sitter and the person who has commissioned the portrait. Things to think about are the completed size, dress/uniform, background/location, where the painting is to be hung (an official or private venue)

My working method involves meeting the sitter and doing some preliminary sketches and taking photos. This is important to observe typical gestures and characteristics and generally to get to know the sitter, I will then go to the studio with all of this information and work out a composition/s which I will discuss with you for approval.

Ideally, if possible, I will need at least one or two more sittings to complete the painting, making any necessary adjustments. 

The length of time needed for a portrait in oils will vary depending on size, details, background etc, but think of at least 6 weeks as oils need time to dry between layers. I will try to meet any deadlines you may have.

PRICES (this is a guide, prices may vary according to complexity of background, costume etc. please contact me for a quote)


50 X 40 cms (approx.)          Head and shoulders                    £2500

70 x 60 cms (approx.)           Half body                                       £3500

90 x 70 cms (approx.)          ¾ Body length                               £4500

120 x 80 cms (approx.)         Full length body                            £6000

For multiple subjects and for charcoal drawings, please contact me for a quote 

For still life painting commissions, please contact me for a quote

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